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Introducing Human Knot by Bill Mack

June 16th, 2018

Human Knot is the newest addition to Bill Mack’s internationally popular alto-relief collection. This relief is inspired by the extraordinary art of contortion, the performance of twisting and bending through extreme physical flexibility. Just as a contortionist pushes the boundaries of the human body, Bill Mack, once again, pushes the boundaries of relief sculpture by twisting the curves and the contours of the human form. The two figures, whose gender cannot be immediately determined, gracefully interlace into one beautifully flowing relief. The alto-relief measures 31” tall by 31” wide (artwork only), 35” tall by 38” wide framed.

Clay Model
Clay Model — 1st Stage

When Bill Mack first saw the photos of the contortionist models, his mind saw the combination of compound curves as sculpture, not necessarily human figures. Mack, whose models for Human Knot were a husband and wife, is quick to point out that gender is not important in this, the first in a series of six different, Human Knot images.

As this project developed over the last two years, visitors to Mack’s gallery and home studio enjoyed viewing the transformation of the work in progress from the clay model to the finished artwork. In addition to his Alto Relief, Bill Mack created a full-round sculpture of Human Knot in cast bronze which is available in three different sizes; maquette, half life-size, and life-size.

Finished Full-round Sculpturel
Finished Full-round Sculpturel
Mack Presenting
Mack presenting Half Life-Size Human Knot in Cast Bronze
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